Real Estate Rockstar

Karishma is a rockstar. She holds herself up to very high standards and delivers that value to whoever she works with. Karishma is analytical, thorough and makes sure that she has completed her research to assist her clients in making the best decisions for themselves. Karishma has an extensive corporate background and has also been an entrepreneur who has sold her own company, so she gets business, contracts and how to make trade offers based on competitive environments. I have bought and sold several homes and can with experience say that having a broker like Karishma who is very smart and can negotiate expertly using data is rare to find and will get clients better offers. Karishma’s market analysis is top notch and she leverages technology to make them interactive and dynamic. Karishma is also one of the most honest people I have ever met and holds herself to a very high integrity. She is fun, easy to get along with and truly cares about people. With her rich corporate and entrepreneurial experiences, Karishma could choose to do anything, and she has chosen real estate because of a deep passion to help people find their perfect homes as she believes the home is the center of most people's lives. Home transactions can be stressful and you can trust Karishma to have your interests as her #1 priority and give you peace of mind.

Can't Imagine Working with Anyone Else

Karishma is a pleasure to work with. She brings energy, passion and intellect to everything she does. She takes so much care and interest and treats each transaction like it’s her own. When she was helping us look for homes, we felt we had a true partner that put our interests above everything else. We knew our home search was in good hands with Karishma. She would patiently take us to as many homes as we wanted and would send a thorough market analysis for every home we were potentially interested in so that we could pick and choose, then prioritize and eventually finalize on the right home. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else but Karishma.

Exceptional, Trusted Advisor Who Cares

Karishma Kiri has been absolutely amazing through this whole process of finding the home I was looking for and selling my Town House for more than I was asking for it! She has always been one step ahead of everything that needed to be done. She knew exactly what I was looking for and I always felt like I was the only person she was concerned about during this whole process, which I know she was also busy helping others. One of the things that makes Karishma truly exceptional is that she feels it is important to match people with a home that will always be their sanctuary no matter what life throws their way! I needed Karishma in my life, and there she was!!!!!

High Caliber & High Octane

Karishma has helped us two ways: first, keeping an eye on conditions in our area to know the smart ways to maximize the value of our home through the improvements buyers find most relevant and important; and, second, helping us identify an ocean-front weekend home near where we live. In both cases, we have relied on her thoughtful expertise and immediate responsiveness to make the best possible decisions with our money and our properties. We have worked with many buyers' and sellers' agents in the process of making four cross-country moves in less than 15 years, and every one of those moves would have been easier and more profitable if we'd been working with someone of Karishma's caliber.

Analytical, Fast-Moving & Caring

Karishma has provided us with a wide range of options as we have been considering a second home / vacation property on one of the nearby islands. In addition to finding several places we really loved, she gave us great advice on what to expect related to pricing, quality and speed of decision-making. With her expert coaching, we got just what we wanted and felt well-cared-for along the way. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, responsive, thoughtful and conscientious professional.

Sincere, Motivated & Deep Knowledge

I highly recommend Karishma to be your real estate agent! I worked with her last year during our search for a home. I was really impressed with her sincerity, motivation and knowledge of the real estate market. She went out of her way to make sure we could find our perfect home. She was warm, friendly and extremely approachable. You can definitely trust her to get you the best deal!!

Phenomenal Agent Who Cares & Delivers

Karishma is an absolutely phenomenal agent and you can be sure that she will always keep your best interests in mind and help you find the home of your dreams. I was simply blown away by her expert negotiation skills and ability to deliver excellent results in a timely fashion. She is also extremely knowledgeable, given her years of experience working in the business and technology sectors. I highly recommend Karishma, as she is someone you can always trust to find you the perfect home!

High Standards, Ethics & Values

Karishma has been a great partner to work with. She is analytical, results driven and meticulous in her work. More importantly, she really puts herself in her clients’ shoes and almost cares more about the transaction than they do! You can tell that she is sincerely and genuinely invested in driving success for her clients and delivering value for them. She is fun, very passionate about her work and sets a high standard for herself and her team that works with her. I highly recommend Karishma and you couldn’t ask for a better person to represent you in such an important decision!

Dependable & Deep Expertise

I am truly impressed with Karishma's knowledge of the local real estate market. I have a condo that is currently under water due to the unfortunate economic downturn. Even though Karishma has many clients, she still takes the time to keep an eye on home values in my neighborhood and sends me updates frequently. I trust her expert advice and when the time comes to sell and purchase a new home, I know I can depend on her.

Personal Touch to Important Decisions

I have known Karishma for a very long time. She brings a personal touch to everything she does including a high bar on quality. Having seen Karishma in negotiations, I would any day let her negotiate on my behalf knowing that I'll get a "better than the best" deal possible.

Consummate Professional Driven by Excellence

Karishma is a consummate professional whose responsiveness and ability to get things done are simply par excellence. She is a true go-getter and has this uncanny ability to negotiate a favorable deal. I was looking to invest in the Seattle real estate market a few months ago because I wanted a second home. A friend of mine strongly recommended her name to me. I can now see why. When she showed me some properties, I was simply blown away by the her command of the facts and the meticulousness of her analysis. Her recommendation was spot on. There are real estate agents and then there are real estate agents. Most are just happy to show you a bunch of places and offer no extra value. Happily, Karishma is an exception. I am very happy to have done business with her and would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a real estate agent who goes above and beyond what is expected.

Innovative, Informative & Driven

I highly recommend Karishma to be your real-estate agent. She is incredibly attentive, results-oriented, and knowledgable about the real-estate market. Her years of experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial ventures as well as her passion, sincerity, and diligence in making sure her clients find the perfect home makes her an absolute gem! Whether you are buying or selling a home, you can always trust Karishma to deliver excellent results and keep your best interests in mind!

Knowledgeable, Attentive & Sensitive

Karishma is knowledgeable and attentive and sensitive to your situation. I had just accepted a new position, was selling my house in Denver, and she worked quickly and tirelessly on my behalf. I love the house and am extremely grateful and appreciative for all of her efforts on our behalf! When we start looking to buy a home, Karishma will be our only call!

Real Estate Investment Advisor

She helped me to understand the current amount of activity in the market and what homes are selling in. I have been interested in some investment properties, which she has experience in. I have not yet made a decision, but I plan on continuing to work with her.

Full-Service & Extensive Expertise

I’m interested in investment opportunities and Karishma has done a phenomenal job in helping us understand the various markets across the area, which ones have great rental potential and the market analysis on what to buy at what price, as well as, rental rates. We needed someone who was highly responsive and analytics and Karishma got the job done. We trust her, which was key for us since these are important financial decisions we were making. Karishma comes from a wealth of business, technology, marketing experience and so working with her isn’t like working with a typical agent, you have a personal strategy consultant essentially who is there to represent you. I highly recommend Karishma to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

Deep Industry & Process Expertise

We worked with Karishma to look for a home in the Seattle area. She is a consummate professional, very knowledgeable about the real estate market in the Seattle area. She is intimately familiar with the process of purchasing a home in Seattle and also in what is required to sell the home we currently own in Southern California. She went over our financing options in detail, the areas in Seattle that would suit us best as retirees etc. I have purchased and sold a few homes in my time and in my experience Karishma is the best real estate professional I have worked with so far.

Strong Negotiator & Very Analytical

I would highly recommend Karishma to be your real estate agent. First of all, Karishma realizes that finding a home is a very personal and emotional decision for people and works with a lot of understanding of people's diverse cultural and personal dispositions. To complement this, Karishma is extremely hard working, diligent and relentless in her pursuit to find the perfect home for her clients. She had a very successful career in the tech industry and brings to bear her immense analytical and negotiation skills to get the best for her clients. The market analysis that Karishma delivers is thorough ,detailed and high quality will give you all the best insights about the market. If you are looking for a real estate agent in the greater Seattle area, you should definitely contact her.

Collaborative & Fun to Work With

Karishma is a very patient professional who puts herself in the shoes of her clients and will bring out negatives or short comings of a place that customers may miss. I have rarely seen a realtor that will tirelessly show homes of all kinds to ensure you are comfortable with your decisions, inform of best purchase, provide extensive reports, comps etc to make a smart decisions.

I would highly recommend Karishma- she will keep your interests in mind and very open to any feedback

Detail Oriented & Hard Working

This is my first transaction with Karishma and I can give her my full recommendation. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who will work harder for you than her. Her number one priority the entire time was to make sure that her clients were happy and that everyone involved in the transaction was working towards the clients best interest. Karishma kept very clear communication and was fully involved in every step throughout the entire transaction from the very beginning until the loan funded. Thanks Karishma!

Highly Recommend Karishma

We used Karishma for both selling our current home and buying a new one. Karishma was a pleasure to work with and did a great job on both transactions.

Karishma brings along a methodical approach and ties it with her responsiveness and innate ability to get things done. She has the backing of a solid network at Windermere who were able to provide any advice/support (like legal or market data) when needed.

Overall, we would recommend Karishma highly for both prospective buyers and sellers.

Diligent & Client-Focused

Karishma is professional, diligent and puts her clients needs first. We had a particularly difficult agent on the other end. Karishma handled him very well. She is great to work with. We will work with her again!

Outstanding Service

Outstanding service overall right from choosing the home to us settling in. Karishma ensured we were on track We could never imagine one could go so much out of way to help.

Well Rounded & Hard Working

Karishma is a well rounded real estate agent, who are professional and efficient. I've been exploring the housing market for many months and wasn't able to find something that meets my criteria. Then I met Karishma at an open house and was convinced that she can help me to find the right place. And she did. Very pragmatically she was able to sort out my criteria and efficiently picking out places to see. Once we found the right place, she was very helpful when it comes to negotiation and helped me landed the deal. If it wasn't for her, I might still be searching for a place. I fully recommend Karishma to anyone in the greater Seattle area specially the east side. In today's competitive market you need an agent like Karishma to represent you.

She is Like Family

Karishma helped me and my family to choose the right neighborhood, and the right house for us. She understood our requirements, and worked to optimize the search to save our time, and make the process of finding a home less painful.

Karishma helped educating me about the entire owning a house process. It was my first house, so she guided me all the way, and provided me with the right contacts to finalize my loan.

Karishma helped in finalizing the deal, and negotiating for the price I wanted.

I recommend working with Karishma, she is professional, and a very nice person; my whole family like her so much.

Tough Negotiator and Takes Extra Care

Karishma is very thorough with her work. We were first-time home buyers and she took extra care to make sure the process is as stress-free as it can be. We bought the first house we saw and she did ask us enough questions to be certain that we were confident enough about our decision and won't regret later. She had to fly out of the country the day our offer got accepted, but she still managed to be always available and respond to our queries and ensure the whole process was smooth enough for us. We needed to get a few repairs done before closing and she negotiated quite remarkably to get the seller to agree to all of them. I personally didn't care about the absence of a microwave in the house, but to my surprise, she managed to get the seller to provide us one (that was her closing-day surprise!) She does bring a personal touch to her service and it was a pleasure working with her.

Dedicated and So Helpful

Karishma is a really dedicated person and very responsible . She helped us in everything and was always there when needed. She has a solid knowledge of the market .

Sent us lit of the houses that meets our criteria. she was with us in most of the houses we went to see. helped Us with lots of information about the bank loan, house contract, Close out process.

Still helping us whenever we need her.

Fast-Paced, Fantastic Partner & Strong Local Expertise

Karishma is an excellent partner in the home buying process. She helped me find the perfect house for my price range, didn't show me homes that didn't fit my criteria, and when I was ready to make an offer, she quickly developed a trusting relationship with the listing agent and seller, then helped me win the negotiation; it was the first house I placed an offer on! She understands the Seattle market, was expert at providing me with comps and understanding the up-and-coming nature of my new neighborhood. Lastly, since I've bought the home, she's checked in frequently and has provided the invaluable service of knowing high quality service providers for the things a new home owner needs.

One caveat for Karishma, just so you don't think I'm a paid referral :) She can be aggressively fast - in this market I think it's a necessity - but if you don't have the temperament for a more aggressive approach, she might not be right for you. She will help you win the negotiation with this style, but she may ask you to make quick decisions & you need to be ready. :)